Just say no to sweaters

Chickens may look fashionable or cute in a sweater but there are many reasons why it's a bad idea.

Sweaters will make your chickens actually colder

Chickens regulate their body temp by fluffing up their feathers. Feathers trap pockets of air in the downy layers of their under-feathers, which insulates them quite well.

When you put a sweater on a chicken they can't fluff their feathers any longer, so they actually feel colder.

Sweaters are a great place for lice and mites to hide

Unfortunately, lice and mites are a common pest of poultry, we strive               to keep them pest free but a sweater undermines our hard work and                 gives the nasty critters a nice hiding place

Sweaters harbor germs

A sweater on your bird will pick up bits of bedding, poop, and germs.

Sweaters and pin feathers don't mix

Sweaters interfere with feather growth and is an ideal way to catch new feathers or pinfeathers and cause pain.

Sweaters don't allow your birds to dust bathe

Chickens love to take dust baths, it's how they stay clean and control lice and mites. A sweater won't allow them to dust bathe,  

Sweaters are a colorful attractant for predators

Cute and colorful sweaters make your chicken more visible to predators like hawks and raccoons for instance. Why make them easier an easy target?

Just skip the sweaters

If you're looking for ways to keep your chickens warm there are other ways.

  • Minimize drafts in the coop
  • Keep them well fed
  • Use the deep litter method
  • Keep your coop well ventilated


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